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Advocates in Siliguri

It is best to approach a law firm or a lawyer when it comes to seeking legal advise regarding any matters like personal matter, divorce, land dispute, change of name, registration of marriage etc. These lawyers who have vast experience will ensure that the correct advice go to you and the matter is resolved. Usually people prefer sticking to one lawyer if they are satisfied with his service, and this also helps the lawyer in solving the cases as he knows the person personally.

Lawyers in Siliguri

List of Lawyers in Siliguri

Here is a list of lawyers in Siliguri:

Ram Krishna Saha
Address: 597, Station Feeder Road
Siliguri - 734005
Phone No: +(91)-9434152775

Partha Pal
Address: 457, Bidhan Road
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-9434171471

Kamal Agarwal
Address: Laxmi Bhawan
K. C. Dey Road
Hill Cart Road
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-353-2544565

Satyam Law Associates
Address: Kiran Niwas
Khiduram Pally
Hill Cart Road
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-9832798082, 9735347651

Dipak Kumar Nandi
Address: Air Port More
Siliguri - 734014
Phone No: +(91)-3556-2550267, +(91)-9832064500

Jiwan Nath Adhikari
Address: Upper Bagdogra
Siliguri - 734014
Phone No: +(91)-9832388092

Moloy Kanti Chakraborty
Address: Air View Palace
Hill Cart Road
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-9434308220

Milan Sarkar
Address: J C Bose Road
Hakim Para
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-353-2435128

Uday Shankar Malakar
Address: Vivekananda Super Market
Hill Cart Road
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-353-2461028, +(91)-9832064115

Pradeep Kumar Kedia
Address: 467/1, Dr. Kalinath Road
Siliguri - 734005
Phone No: +(91)-353-2561654

Suresh Mitruka
Address: Mahatma Gandhi Road
Khal Para
Siliguri - 734005
Phone No: +(91)-353-2503276, +(91)-9434154079

Malay Kumar Ghosh
Address: 1st Floor, Usha Mansion
Siliguri - 734005
Phone No: +(91)-9832036640

P.D. Dalmia
Address: Circular Road
Milan Pally
Siliguri - 734005
Phone No: +(91)-9832060290

Arun Kumar Ghosh
Address: Mallaguri
Pradhan Nagar
Siliguri - 734003
Phone No: +(91)-353-2513737, +(91)-9474031612

Ashutosh Kumar Sinha
Address: Gurang Basti
Pradhan Nagar, Siliguri - 734003
Phone No: +(91)-9832441516

Ashish Sinha
Address: Pantha Niwas Room No. 8
Baghajatin Park Main Road
Phone No: +(91)-9434052815

Deepak Sharma
Address: Rajhans
Hill Cart Road
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-353-2643207, +(91)-9832016789

Sanjay Bansal
Address: Ashwagandha Apartment
Sevoke Road
Dashrath Pally
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-9832425433

Kunal Pal
Address: Golden Height Building, 1st Floor
Sisir Bhaduri Sarani
Phone No: +(91)-353-2533351

Prasanta Joardar
Address: Golan Height
Sukumar Roy Road
Siliguri - 734001
Phone No: +(91)-9832329119

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  • I
    Indu yadav from Siliguri 759 Days ago

    I want divorce from my husband because he is unfaithful n cheating me. so me what can I do.

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  • M
    Moumita sarkar from Siliguri 990 Days ago

    I have problem of my husband don't want to stay me with his.....his first preference is his mother n brother than me....he loved so much his family than me n so much cared for his family....he don't love me.....his financial part manage his brother....I don't know his financial part.....his family always mis behaved with me but my husband don't beleived..........I m very depressed for,how can come out this probkems

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  • R
    Rakesh bhowmick from Malbazar 1081 Days ago

    Dear Sir, I m an Indian Hindu adult boy and financially established. I have relationship with a Bangladeshi Muslim girl. She is also adult and a independent girl. So now we want to married. My questions are 1.What is the procedure to do the marriage in special marriage act ? 2. What type of document will need of me and my future wife? 3. What type of visa will need for my future wife? 4. Is there any provision to complete my marriage in Bangladesh if she has problem to get visa?

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  • D
    Debasish Bhowmik from Siliguri 1288 Days ago

    My mother gave her land property of 0.73 acre by a deed gift in the names of jointly her three sons including me. The land is situated in Rajgang Block of Jalpaiguri(WB) district. If we all three brothers make an joint mutual "Deed of Agreement" regarding individual partition of the same instead of "Deed of Conveyance" and "Registration" of separate deed before the Land Registrar, shall it serve our purpose of mutual partition and is it legally acceptable. If so, how I can get contact of a appropriate lawyer for making this Agreement Deed ?

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  • R
    Ria from Assam 1387 Days ago

    I had purchased a small plot of land in siliguri last year with proper verification. The land is registered in my name and I have supporting documents like khatian and mutation and the West bengal land records website also reflects the same. Now my question is can someone else make a claim to the property and can they send a summon

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